Bitter Lake Seattle Affordable Senior Apartments

SHAG offers Bitter Lake Seattle affordable senior apartments for moderate income seniors. At SHAG, living comfortably, surrounded by peers in a community setting is possible. Cable is offered at a discounted rate at our communities and group events like outings to museums and local senior centers, often take advantage of senior rates and discounts. SHAG communities have income restrictions and residents must meet these certain income requirements in order to qualify. The income limits for SHAG communities differ depending on the county.In King County, a single person may earn a maximum of $37,080 per year. A two-person household may earn up to $42,360 per year. No asset “spend down” is required, but income from assets is taken into account in determining total annual income.

At Interurban Senior Living, each member of the Applicant's household must be age 55 or older and at least one member of the Applicant's household must be age 61 or older by the end of the current year or disabled.

Interurban Senior Living offers affordable apartments in Seattle

Interurban Senior Living

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